Our love..

We go and walk into our secrets..
I dive into your life and embrace your sadness, your questions, your cleverness and strength, your braveness and fears..
You venture into my life and taste my honesty, my eagerness to enjoy every journeys taken, my deep thinking..
Spirituality and the taste of life..

Yours and mine, the past and the future.
And the now, as we laugh heavenly as you hold me in your arms.
love is easy and kind..complicated and beautiful..wild and naive..witty and calm..
A language that can be understood only by lovers.

an honest observation..

this imperfection could be my perfection..
while I was looking deeply into my weakness and flaws..

listened to my naiveness..

once again love took out a piece of me that had tried to hide from be seen by me.

it is beautiful and honest..
and wild..

the humble thing called love..

mornings and smiles.. sky and our path.. how could life be so easy and amazingly beautiful..

good morning..

simply beautiful to enjoy life as it is..

the choice..

I might be in love or out of love..
listen to love..
or denying at all..

diligently follow my heart..
or hiding from..
walk with..
or run away..

it is me not you..

the silence of us..

secret is..
when people keep talking about their wants and needs..doubts and fears..
when I keep saying no, dragging myself far..
my heart beats..

because their pains become mine..
these could bring me down..

Rumi keeps quiet..
sunset and and night.

time has no means as their secrets and mine are laughing at me..

I am sitting with Rumi..centuries apart
feeling the pain, could not be understood by me..
whispering to me..
accepting these..nothing you can do..

should known better..